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The British Columbia Technology Education Association (BCTEA) is a Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) of the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF).  The BCTEA represents Technology Education teachers and those teachers promoting  the development and growth of Applied Design Skills and Technologies (ADST), Makerspaces and Tech Ed in British Columbia schools.  The BCTEA also works with like minded groups at the Elementary and Secondary levels (K – 12) in addition to organizations that are involved in areas such as trades training and setting industry standards for training young workers.

BCTEA Members are teachers within the public school system (K-12) in British Columbia actively involved with the implementation of the Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum.

BCTEA Subscribers are teachers in private schools, business and industry partners that work with the BCTEA to promote and advance interests in Technology Education, ADST and Makerspaces.


Skills Canada Nationals

Posted on12 Jun 2016
I just returned from Skills Canada Nationals in Moncton New Brunswick. As always this is an excellent time to rejuvenate by seeing students performing at the highest level. With over 500 competitors and over 50 events, this is exciting. I...
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Woodturners Gallery

Posted on03 Jun 2016
Greater Vancouver Woodturners gallery presentation in June. The presentation will be in Queen’s Park in New Westminster. The intention in this gallery presentation is to raise awareness of woodturning as an art form and show the true breadth and depth...
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