British Columbia Technology Education Association

The British Columbia Technology Education Association (BCTEA) is a Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) within the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF).  The BCTEA represents Technology Education teachers and promotes the development and growth of Tech Ed in British Columbia schools.  The BCTEA also works with like minded groups and organizations that are involved in areas such as trades training and setting industry standards for training young workers.

BCTEA members are teachers within the public school system in British Columbia and include students in post-secondary Technology Teacher training programs.  Subscribers to the BCTEA are teachers in private schools, business and industry partners that work with the BCTEA to promote and advance interests in Technology Education.

Purpose Of A PSA – BCTF Members Guide Section 33.04

It shall be the right of each PSA to foster professional development through activities which may include:

  1. Conducting in-service education.
  2. Carrying out curriculum projects and disseminating the results.
  3. Proposing appropriate learning and working conditions for the specialist area.
  4. Proposing policy positions for BCTF adoption.
  5. Through the BCTF, under the direction of the Executive Committee, influencing Ministry of Education policies and practices, including those relating to school programs, curriculum, assessment implementation, and school organization and operation.
  6. Developing statements of standards of specialist qualifications and appropriate teacher training.
  7. Developing statements of specifications for educational facilities for its specialist area.
  8. Maintaining liaison with post-secondary faculty members in the specialist area.
  9. Maintaining a system of communication with its members through journals and newsletters, the creation of local chapters, the holding of general meetings and maintaining a provincial structure with local-regional representatives or contacts.
  10. Affiliating with national and international professional groups in the PSA’s area of specialty.
  11.  Other activities that are authorized by the BCTF. A PSA shall not carry out activities to influence the negotiation of salaries and bonuses and other bargaining objectives except through the BCTF Executive Committee or through local presentations to the appropriate local of the Federation.