Heads Up for Safety

Heads Up for Safety is a safety booklet specifically for shop teachers that has been created by the Ministry of Education and the Workers’ Compensation Board of BC (WCB).  

Heads Up for Safety

Middle School Safety

Secondary Safety

The following are safety documents that have been put together by a variety of shop teachers

SD71- Safety Document Master
SD71 – Safety Test Master

Woodshop Safety Manual April 2016
Safety Assessment Sheet

Stock Breakout Procedure

FETWEL – Stock Breakout Procedure

Taking rough lumber to finished size is an essential step to any woodwork project.  To help students with this process, use this FETWEL Procedure sheet.  A master and a blank for quizzing is included.

Foot Board Measure
Steps for Preparing Stock
Bill of Materials

Stock Breakout Answer Key
Stock Breakout Blank Sheet

Lego-breakout stock

Lego – Breaking Out Stock

Arcade Cabinet Build

Middle School Wood Projects

The following are samples of some Middle School wood material:

Measurement worksheet
Grade 8 Safety Poster Project 

Middle School Non-TOC Material

Paper Bridge Challenge Video Link

Paper Box Challenge Video Link

Paper Tower Challenge Video Link