Hello, please let me introduce myself and explain why I wish to take on the role of president. I have been teaching for 23 of my 54 years. I went into this career because I enjoyed shop class when in high school, have always found my creative side in the form of shaping wood into functional objects such as surfboards and boats, and I really enjoy working with kids. For the past 6 years I have not been teaching in a regular classroom, but have been running the careers program for SD#71. What this has enabled me to do is get a big picture view of what is occurring in shop classes now, what government and industry want, and look at where we can go.  I feel that at present Technology Education is at a low point as far as being recognized and valued. I do not intend on taking us back to the good old days, but take what is good now, add what is needed to proceed into the future and win back the support of the ministry of education, the ITA, industry, the community and the youth that sign up for our classes.  This is not going to be an easy task, but I have the energy and will to give it my best shot. We have a great executive team that will keep you well informed and up to date on our activities. We will periodically ask for your input and direction, so please get involved to the level you wish to help out.

Here are our first initiatives:

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