Technology Education Goals. That is what this report is focused on. What I have found in being the president of the BCTEA is that without goals, and people behind stated goals, not much happens. Even then it requires incredible dedication to want to serve and do something for others that you may not get recognized for. At this point in the year I am asking the following question. Are we doing something, or enough, for our members? I often see comments or suggestions on our facebook page, or hear suggestions when talking with Tech Ed teachers, but is the Exec responding? Typically we have half of the Exec members term come up each year and thus an opportunity makes itself available for any members that want to take on a goal for the BCTEA to put their name forward. So we have the avenue that if someone wants to see the Exec take on a goal, then they could get on the Exec and make it happen. Please suggest a goal and bring your passion to tackling the goal.

What I would like to do is ask you to think about and send me what you would like to see as goals for the BCTEA to tackle next year. Then we can collate and send out and narrow down what members want to see the Exec do. This all needs to be done before the end of the school year as we need to submit to the BCTF what our goals will be for next year as part of annual BCTF grant proposal. When we run our annual general meeting and have elections for positions, we can add in the goals so people running for a position can speak towards a goal, and then hopefully we will see action and goals reached.

This year our goals were:

All three are not completed yet, but one thing about having a goal, it is a marker to head towards and it is our intention to have those completed before next fall.

To give a bit of an update on Heads Up for Safety, we do have a conference call with WorksafeBC, Ministry of Education and the ITA this week. WorksafeBC have some issues they want to discuss, so hopefully we can move along to achieve our goal of a new document by the start of next year. Heather Elliott has been a huge asset on this project.

The Safety zones for machines is partly done, with some good floor plans created by Peter Halim, and I have the chart with dimensions, (look for them on the BCTEA website soon). In closing, if you have some goals or ideas you want the Exec to take on next year, please send to me, or start a thread on the BCTEA facebook page to share your ideas and get input from other members.