What is going on in the BCTEA
24 Sep 2020

2020 BCTEA Virtual Conference


Conference Registration

It’s time! The conference registration is live. As you hopefully all know by now this year’s conference will be virtual (via Zoom.) Because of this our costs are very low and we have extended this to you. $45 this covers your PSA dues and the administrative costs for registration and Zoom. Normally, as appreciation, we pay the conference fees for presenters (they only pay their PSA dues,) this year the registration cost is barely above the said dues and costs so we can only reduce the presenter’s rate by $5. We know it isn’t much but hopefully a sign of appreciation.

You can find conference registration here 2020 Conference. If you know you will not be attending the virtual conference please complete (and pay) for your PSA membership directly via the BCTF Portal: PSA Online Membership.

Please consider joining us for the conference, there will also be some BCTF general sessions and we will be holding our AGM virtually “during lunch” in this space as well. As you know we will have a lot of executive positions to vote in during this year’s AGM.  Here’s the link to the conference main page to see what other PSAs are involved and eventually the main schedule: BCTF PSA Day.

Finally, but really importantly, we still need presenters for our Tech Ed sessions and are still looking for some people to run for executive. See the Facebook announcement posts or contact one of the executive members to get more information.

Thanks as always

BCTEA Executive.