What is going on in the BCTEA
5 Oct 2020




Friday October 23, 2020. 12:00-12:45pm. Via Zoom (weblink to be shared closer to the day)

All members of British Columbia Technology Education Association (BCTEA) are invited to attend the 2020 AGM. The AGM requires 20% of the paid, active BCTF members of the PSA to meet quorum. Guests are welcome to attend the AGM but only paid BCTF members and teacher candidates may vote on motions and in elections.

As we are required to hold the AGM via virtual means this year we will keep it to the minimum required business. Even if you are not attending the virtual conference please consider joining us for the AGM portion of the day.


Meeting Chair: Nigel Reedman, Meeting Secretary: Kevin McIntyre

  1. President’s Welcome
  2. Number of PSA members present
  3. Adoption of the agenda
  4. Adoption of the minutes from 2019 AGM
  5. Treasurers report
    1. Review and adoption of financial statement from previous year.
    2. Review and adoption of 2020-21 budget
  6. Executive elections (in cases of an election the successful candidate will be chosen by simple majority of ballots cast.)
    1. President (2 year term)
    2. Vice-president (1 year term)
    3. Secretary (1 year term)
    4. Communications and Member Relations (2 year term)
    5. Conference Liaison (1 year term)
    6. Vendor Relations (2 year term)
  7. Question period
  8. Adjournment