What is going on in the BCTEA
22 Oct 2020

2020 BCTEA conference login details


The BCTEA virtual conference is tomorrow! You may already have received attendee instructions. To attend the conference site please go to the following website (you will need the email you used to register along with your registration code) https://attendees.ourconference.ca/

If you would like a text message sent with your personalized schedule link (if you can’t find your registration code) send a text message to 1-844-278-2685 with your name and I will send you your link (please use the same cell number that you registered with to get a personalized schedule) You can request a link from any cell but I will not know who you are if you use a different number than which you used to register so you may receive the generic website as above. You can also use this number to send a request for assistance, just note that the response time is dependent on the text messaging system so the reply may not come back instantaneously.

We also created a BCTEA Zoom room. Click on this link tomorrow morning at 8:00 am to join if you have any questions or just want to stop by and say hello. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84122672384