BCTEA President’s Message

Nigel Reedman

December 2020

It’s the final week until the winter break and a well-deserved rest for one and all. One thing I think we can all agree on is it has been a challenging year so far. School districts have come up with varied solutions for COVID-19 and this makes it hard to provide direction to members that is useful to everyone. Despite of all the challenges the first four months have brought (has it only been four months) Tech Ed teachers have continued to adapt and do amazing work with their students.

Support for one another via the group’s Facebook page is going strong and project ideas are being readily shared. We managed a pretty successful virtual conference in October despite it not really being anyone’s first choice. Though we hope to be able to get back to an in-person conference next year we are confident with our newfound knowledge of Zoom meetings, we can make a virtual conference even better if we do need to run one again

COVID-19 is dominating all our direction and time these days but the BCTEA executive are still doing what we can to move ahead with “normal business.” We plan to start up the group to review the best practices guide in January and will also hold the first ever (and first of a few we hope) on-line district reps meetings. We do continue to talk with the BCTF about members concerns around COVID-19 protocols and the need for stronger language to protect our members. This will also continue on in the new year since we know there is still a way to go before we do return to normal.

Best of luck in mid quarter reporting (for those of us in that system) and I wish you all a very restful holiday break.

-Nigel Reedman