Vex Robotics

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Vex IQ is beginning to take hold in BC.  There is now an official VexIQ BC website  and a list of events for the 2016/2017 school year that can be found here.  You can follow VexIQ BC on twitter at @vexiqbc.  A website has also been developed by Brian Yu ( where interested teachers can go download teaching resources on robotics and get ideas for classroom challenges:

Lego Robotics

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Mbot is an Arduino based robot designed to introduce students to coding. It is designed to be programmed using a modified version of scratch called Mblock. The following are some introduction labs designed to walk students through programming a Mbot robot to navigate a playing field:







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Sumo Bots are a simple to build sumo robot that can be fun to build and compete with at the classroom, regional and provincial levels. The intent of the Mini-Sumo Robot Challenge is to introduce junior students to the varied field of Technology through the design, building and competing in an event that is fun and exciting. While at the Provincial Skills Canada event students will get a chance to view other more specific trades that they may wish to participate in when they get into the senior grades.

In the spirit of the competition and the intent of the challenge, the individual must compete with a completely student built robot. A student cannot purchase, re-use or adapt any commercially made robot/system except for the Tamiya Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit.

Sumo Bot Controller Layout – Sumo Bot Controller

Skills Canada Document – skills-canada-sumo-bot-document