Greater Vancouver Woodturners gallery presentation in June. The presentation will be in Queen’s Park in New Westminster.

The intention in this gallery presentation is to raise awareness of woodturning as an art form and show the true breadth and depth to which it has expanded. The members presenting their work represent a cross section of relatively new turners to artists who have work that is enjoyed locally, across Canada and internationally.

The most ideal dates for teachers and students to attend would be June 4th or 18th from 1 -5 PM. We will have two demonstrators in the band shell nearby the gallery on those dates. This would be a good opportunity to view various techniques and chat with some of the turners. Should anyone choose to attend at another time we will have two turners present in the gallery on the weekend dates only. For further background information on the guild, our website is Perhaps viewing the on-line gallery will provide some idea of the level of work that will be presented.