Heads Up for Safety revised 2017       headsupheads-up

With the introduction of ADST from K to 12 there will be more teachers wanting to bring hands on building into their classrooms, or for
makerspaces. Many teachers have not had any formal Technology Education training. As a PSA we have connected with Work Safe, Ministry of Education and the ITA to request a “light” version of this document be created to guide teachers, administrators and districts in safely delivering this new curriculum. While we are in this process we would also like to revise the old 2002 HEADS UP! for Safety document to include any new equipment or tools that you may be using. We may also want to change some of the existing information.

I would like to request from you the following:

Both of these editions will be posted on the WorkSafe web site and the BCTEA web site. In order to get the elementary version completed as soon as possible we need all material be completed and to the printers by March. If you can send material to me by the end of January, that would be appreciated.

If you do not use Heads up for Safety, I would recommend taking a look at it. The intention with this document is to always make sure students are safe, but to also protect the teacher in case an accident occurs.

Here are the tools that I see going into the elementary version:

Cordless drill, cordless jig saw, corded drill, corded jig saw, hot glue gun, hand saw, exacto knife, and general shop safety.

Please send emails to randy.grey@sd71.bc.ca