The BCTEA would like to ask members to consider joining a small working group to re-write the Heads Up for Safety manual. We are looking for specialists in the following shop areas, woodwork, metalwork, mechanics. 2 to 3 people will be selected to join a writing group. Proficiency in writing on computer, depth of knowledge in safe machine use, broad range of shops, are an asset. Please send a brief outline of the courses you have taught, shops you have taught in, experience in years, and any other pertinent information. We will need to include newer technologies such as CNC routers, etc.
If anyone, other than the writers, wants to submit some safety materials for the group to work with, that would be greatly appreciated. This document is intended to be in a word format, as well as pdf. It will be posted on the BCTEA web site under resources for all Tech ed teachers.
At this time we are looking at writing on the following days, May15 , 16 and 17th. The BCTEA would cover travel, accommodation and TOC for these days.
Please contact Randy Grey if interested.