Hello everyone. I hope that everyone is starting to get settled into their teaching jobs. Now it is time to start thinking about the big picture and where Technology Education is headed. I am hoping that many of you are going to register for the super conference and/or join us for the District Reps meeting, AGM (Thursday evening, October 19)and the Social (Friday evening, October 20). Following are some incentives to attend:

District reps meeting. We have a great line up of presenters. We recommend that if you have any difficulty getting released for the Thursday, to approach your super-intendant with the agenda. The ITA will be there (they have been giving us grants for tools and are overseeing the Youth equipment grant), Susan Crichton and members of the ADST writing team will be there to provide guidance and hear feedback on future directions, and the BC Construction Foundation will be telling us about some new funding targeted towards the shops. It is very important that all these groups get a good audience from around the province. We will take more than one from a district but we just ask that you send Randy an email letting us know who will be attending. Snacks and Dinner are provided. Randy.grey@sd71.bc.ca

AGM. Everyone is welcome and hopefully we will get a great turnout to see the Trev Deeley museum. There will be refreshments available. What we are asking is that if you are interested in being a part of the BCTEA executive, that you send a message to Randy, or if you would like to nominate someone, please email the person and Randy and we will hopefully be able to talk them into running for a position. We are trying to make the process of elections more effective. We are really looking for members who would like to set a goal or have a topic they want to work on, to make the 2 year commitment.

Super Conference. As always, registrations for our conferences is a large part of how we get funding for the year.

BCTEA Membership. If you are not going to attend the conference, please renew your BCTEA membership. It counts.

BCTEA Social. Ryan Harmon has managed to secure Mahonney and Sons Irish Pub, located right below the Trade and Convention centre. What a score. We have it booked starting at 4:30 until 9. We have made a large deposit that includes a burger bar. We are going to give out free Burger and Beer tickets to the first 100 people that register for the conference and send Randy an email. First come first serve. If you are not attending the conference but are attending the AGM and the social, then you may also be eligible for a free burger and beer, just email Randy.

The executive really hope to see as many people as ever at the conference. Thanks for supporting the BCTEA