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The British Columbia Technology Education Association (BCTEA) is a Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) of the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF).  The BCTEA represents Technology Education teachers and promotes the development and growth of Tech Ed in British Columbia schools.  The BCTEA also works with like minded groups and organizations that are involved in areas such as trades training and setting industry standards for training young workers.

BCTEA members are teachers within the public school system in British Columbia and include students in post-secondary Technology Teacher training programs.  Subscribers to the BCTEA are teachers in private schools, business and industry partners that work with the BCTEA to promote and advance interests in Technology Education.


Heads Up for Safety Writing Committee

Posted on12 Apr 2017
The BCTEA would like to ask members to consider joining a small working group to re-write the Heads Up for Safety manual. We are looking for specialists in the following shop areas, woodwork, metalwork, mechanics. 2 to 3 people will be selected to join a writing group. Proficiency...
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