Old Curriculum IRPs

In the table to the side are links to the OLD Curriculum Documents for different Technology Education subjects from the Ministry of Education.  They have now been replaced by curriculum that can be found @ https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum under Applied Design, Skills & Technologies

Curriculum DatePDF file
 Technology 8 to 10 1995PDF
 Technology 8 to 10 Supplement 2004PDF
 Technology Education 11 and 12: Automotive Technology 2001PDF
 Technology Education 11 and 12: Carpentry and Joinery  2001PDF
 Technology Education 11 and 12: Drafting and Design 2001PDF
 Technology Education 11 and 12: Electronics 2002PDF
 Technology Education 11 and 12: Industrial Design 1997PDF
 Technology Education 11 and 12: Metal Fabrication and Machining 2002PDF
 Applied Skills 11 1995PDF
 Automotive Service Technician Level 1 2010PDF
 Carpentry Level I 2006PDF
 Skills Exploration 10 to 12 2014PDF
 Program Guide for Secondary School Apprenticeship 2014PDF