BCTEA President’s Message – May 3, 2023

                  BCTEA President’s Message – May 3, 2023 As we enter the last quarter of the year, it’s the time where timetable planning and grad events start taking over. Hopefully student projects are taking form and all is well with you. The BCTEA executive met last weekend […]

September – President’s Update

Every September I start back at work I think how lucky we are as teachers to have 2 months away from a very demanding job of teaching kids each year. Having such a long break allows you to refresh and come back to work for a new start. After the first week though, the lazy […]


Technology Education Goals. That is what this report is focused on. What I have found in being the president of the BCTEA is that without goals, and people behind stated goals, not much happens. Even then it requires incredible dedication to want to serve and do something for others that you may not get recognized […]

December President’s Update

So far this year things look a lot better than previous years. We have been given some funds from the ITA for capital equipment, with more to come over the next few years. Many schools are offering the Skills Exploration courses and receiving $100.00 per student, which really helps with consumables. We have Trade Sampler […]

September – President’s Update

Hello everyone. I hope that everyone is starting to get settled into their teaching jobs. Now it is time to start thinking about the big picture and where Technology Education is headed. I am hoping that many of you are going to register for the super conference and/or join us for the District Reps meeting, […]

June – President’s Report

There are two main goals that I have been working on this spring. The first is organizing and working with a writing team to update the 2002 HEADS UP FOR SAFETY manual. The second has been working on looking at shop floor space and equipment placements to meet risk management requirements. Both of these are […]

Where have all the Shop Teachers Gone?

Shop class is in a pickle. We have shops vacant of students due to the lack of teachers trained to teach, or wanting to teach, in the shop and I do not see a solution on the horizon. I just heard that we train roughly 3000 teachers per year for 900 jobs annually, and only […]

Heads up for Safety revised

Heads Up for Safety revised 2017       headsup With the introduction of ADST from K to 12 there will be more teachers wanting to bring hands on building into their classrooms, or for makerspaces. Many teachers have not had any formal Technology Education training. As a PSA we have connected with Work Safe, Ministry […]

Youth Trades Capital Equipment Program

The announcement this week that the government is going to spend $15 million over 3 years in high schools is a welcome surprise. How could it not be? As the president of the BCTEA I have heard so many members say that “Technology Education is where youth get a chance to experience and hone skills […]

A new school year brings new energy

Hi everyone and welcome back to work. It is a bit of shock always to get back to work after having 2 months off, but there really is not any time to ease into a teaching job. I have been very impressed with the posts on Facebook. Seeing fellow shop teachers sharing ideas and projects […]